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Branch for netbsd 9 upcoming, please help and test -current


once again we are quite late for branching the next NetBSD release (NetBSD 9).
Initially planned to happen early in February 2019, we are now aproaching
May and it is unlikely that the branch will happen before that.

On the positive side, lots of good things landed in -current in between,
like new Mesa, new jemalloc, lots of ZFS improvements - and some of those
would be hard to pull up to the branch later.

On the bad side we saw lots of churn in -current recently, and there is quite
some fallout where we not even have a good overview right now. And this is
where you can help:

 - please test -current, on all the various machines you have
 - especially interesting would be test results from uncommon architectures
   or strange combinations (like the sparc userland on sparc64 kernel issue
   I ran in yesterday)

Please test, report success, and file PRs for failures!

We will likely announce the real branch date on quite short notice, the
likely next candidates would be mid may or end of may.
We may need to do extra steps after the branch (like switch some
architectures back to old jemalloc on the branch). However, the less
difference between -current and the branch, the easier will the release
cycle go.

Our goal is to have an unprecendted short release cycle this time. But..
we always say that upfront.

Happy testing!


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