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Re: Branch for netbsd 9 upcoming, please help and test -current

Martin Husemann wrote:
> Folks,
> once again we are quite late for branching the next NetBSD release (NetBSD 9).
> Initially planned to happen early in February 2019, we are now aproaching
> May and it is unlikely that the branch will happen before that.
> On the positive side, lots of good things landed in -current in between,
> like new Mesa, new jemalloc, lots of ZFS improvements - and some of those
> would be hard to pull up to the branch later.
> On the bad side we saw lots of churn in -current recently, and there is quite
> some fallout where we not even have a good overview right now.

For starters, here's a list of PRs for regressions that have been
introduced since early February and are still unresolved:

  port-amd64/54000: FP tests failing on amd64 since gcc7 import
  port-amd64/54001: call_once2_32, call_once2_static test cases failing on amd64 since gcc7 import
  lib/54002: Recent regressions in tests involving pic_profile
  bin/54060: usr.bin/gdb/t_regress/threads test case now fails on amd64
  lib/54074: Test cases ending in 32 fail on sparc64 since jemalloc update
  port-sparc/54093: Recent test regressions on sparc

And a couple from before February:

  port-i386/53128: Boot says "default boot twice, skipping..."
  port-sparc/53277: Many ubsan tests fail on sparc

If you have comments on specific PRs, please send them to gnats-bugs@
with the appropriate subject line so that they get filed with the PR
in case.

> And this is where you can help:
>  - please test -current, on all the various machines you have
>  - especially interesting would be test results from uncommon architectures
>    or strange combinations (like the sparc userland on sparc64 kernel issue
>    I ran in yesterday)
> Please test, report success, and file PRs for failures!

That's all good, but please also fix the bugs that have already been

And if we can't get all those post-February regressions fixed, there's
always the option of branching retroactively, for example from source
date 2019. which was the last one to achieve zero
unexpected ATF test failures on real amd64 hardware.  It's never too
late to branch early :)
Andreas Gustafsson,

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