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Re: (too) big font on console?

On Sun, Apr 21, 2019 at 08:38:17AM +0200, Martin Husemann wrote:
> It is way too big on my old 14" pinebook too, we need a better selection
> algorithm (or maybe there is a bug, I'll check resulting rows/columns
> with the default font next week).

   To be honest, before that commit I wasn't aware that enabling 
multiple fonts at once is possible and supported ;) It motivated
me to revive long-postponed project of making screenshots of all
available console fonts. Fortunately, with qemu-nvmm it was easy.

Results are available at:
(semi-automatic gallery is available at


1. There are two definitions in wsfont.c without font data:
   FONT_ISO8x16 and FONT_COURIER11x18

2. There are many font definitions with overlapping names,
   I made some quick changes to work around them, see diff
   - but also look at next point.

3. I'm not sure about spaces in font names, it makes shell
   scripting (i.e. wsconsctl -dw font=$fontname) awful.
   Maybe changes like "Droid Sans Mono 12x22" to something
   like "DroidSansMono-12x22" or "Droid_Sans_Mono-12x22"
   will be reasonable?

4. Currently there are following fonts available, maybe it will
   be worthwhile to add them to ALL configs when it is reasonable
   for particular port?

    # left-to-right bit order fonts
	options FONT_BOLD16x32
	options FONT_BOLD8x16
	options FONT_DROID_SANS_MONO12x22
	options FONT_DROID_SANS_MONO19x36
	options FONT_GALLANT12x22
	options FONT_GLASS10x19
	options FONT_GLASS10x25
	options FONT_GO_MONO12x23
	options FONT_LUCIDA16x29
	options FONT_OMRON12x20
	options FONT_SONY12x24
	options FONT_SONY8x16
	options FONT_SPLEEN12x24
	options FONT_SPLEEN16x32
	options FONT_SPLEEN32x64
	options FONT_SPLEEN5x8
	options FONT_SPLEEN8x16
	options FONT_VT220ISO8x16
	options FONT_VT220ISO8x8
	options FONT_VT220KOI8x10_KOI8_R
	options FONT_VT220KOI8x10_KOI8_U
	options FONT_VT220L8x10
	options FONT_VT220L8x16
	options FONT_VT220L8x8

	# right-to-left bit order font
	options FONT_QVSS8x15

5. Even on resolution 1280x960 and with all fonts built-in
   "Boldface 16x32" was selected as default.

Piotr 'aniou' Meyer

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