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My first look at updated "native" Xorg

I finally booted a machine with 8.99.37 and the updated Xorg/Mesa18/etc.
As I had yet to run 'etcupdate' to merge in the changes to 'xdm's
Xresources file, I was momentarily surprised by the all-black username
and password fields in the greeter's login widget.

After completing 'etcupdate' and 'postinstall', the fields' background
is again grey as I expected.  What's odd is that the cursor glyph used
in the text fields appears to be the one that instead should be attached
to the mouse pointer when over a text field rather than the simple
vertical line.  Typing the username leaves glitched pixels along the
bottom edge of the entry box.  Backspacing/deleting text from the
username field leaves pieces of characters behind.

(I changed the font selection criteria so the smaller fonts are used on
screens <= 1024 pixels wide rather than <= 800 pixels as I find the
larger fonts still too big for 1024-pixel-wide screens.)

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