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Re: My first look at updated "native" Xorg

Very similar experience with kdm in the same environment. Click on the
username, enter it, nothing apperas. Click on the password, enter it,
ditto. Press Enter, and you are in. If you mistype a password, second
time the username is displayed correctly. So far the best experience
has been starting X with 'startx' with ctwm.

On Wed, 10 Apr 2019 at 15:05, John D. Baker <> wrote:
> I finally booted a machine with 8.99.37 and the updated Xorg/Mesa18/etc.
> As I had yet to run 'etcupdate' to merge in the changes to 'xdm's
> Xresources file, I was momentarily surprised by the all-black username
> and password fields in the greeter's login widget.
> After completing 'etcupdate' and 'postinstall', the fields' background
> is again grey as I expected.  What's odd is that the cursor glyph used
> in the text fields appears to be the one that instead should be attached
> to the mouse pointer when over a text field rather than the simple
> vertical line.  Typing the username leaves glitched pixels along the
> bottom edge of the entry box.  Backspacing/deleting text from the
> username field leaves pieces of characters behind.
> (I changed the font selection criteria so the smaller fonts are used on
> screens <= 1024 pixels wide rather than <= 800 pixels as I find the
> larger fonts still too big for 1024-pixel-wide screens.)
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