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Re: Built-in vs. Modular Xorg under -current

Thanks, I'll check it out right away.


On Sun, 31 Mar 2019 at 21:21, matthew green <> wrote:
> > Is there anything I might be missing or our built-in Xorg is lacking
> > for this hardware?
> this may be old Mesa on your intel GPU not supporting that.
> we're very close to switching xsrc to Mesa 18 for all ports.
> it works on non x86, and this patch below is needed for x86.
> you'll need to build with -V HAVE_MESA_VER=18, and it will
> build llvm tools *and* libs and thus take a significantly
> longer time to build, but this works for me on kaby lake
> intel, bunch of radeon generations, and some nouveau ones.
> .mrg.


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