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Re: iwm driver leads to kernel crash


would further dmesg outputs from the last 10 or so kernel crashes
still be useful?
This still keeps happening (workaround so far is to use ethernet).

Or maybe I'm looking at the wrong kind of bug and there is something
to track / being worked on already? transcribed 452 bytes:
> transcribed 280 bytes:
> > It's not iwm. I have the same bug reported but with re(4) which isn't
> > wireless even. the backtrace looks different from ddb.
> > from ddb, the failing instruction is,
> > 
> > stopped at pid 276.1 (dhcpcd) at       netbsd:npf_ifaddrhook+0x55: movq 18(%r12), %rsi
> > 
> > (without using npf at all)
> I've been slow to respond,
> but with a more recent version this problem is solved for me.
> Thanks to whoever fixed it.

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