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Re: issues with touchpad after update

On Tue, Dec 04, 2018 at 11:08:21PM +0100, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
> I just updated and rebuilt the kernel to current.
> It is much better now.

That's good :)

> Indeed it "works" just not coveniently, so the feature is indeed 
> implemented. Non-multi-touch would jump badly with two fingers.

What are your synaptics settings?  If scale_z is not 32 then you need to
update again.  I bumped up the default scaling for this variable, if it
is still a bit jumpy then you can increase scale_z some more.  You need
the very latest synaptics driver to do this though.

> Perhaps, as you write, it is sending to many scroll events or the scroll 
> amount is too big?

Yes, it was...

> It is something which worked only with the special synaptics driver, not 
> the standard windows one, the right area of the touchbar has a bar drawn 
> on and using that scrolled without the need of two fingers.

I think Martin said he was going to look at this - again, I only have a
clickpad on my laptop so it is hard to test.

> I think it is just a software feature, maybe not even convenient - I am 
> not accustomed to it because e.g. ThinkPads do not have it.

It could be a software feature - if it is then we can do the same sort
of thing I did for emulating 3 buttons on a clickpad (by default that
only reports a left click which is why I started hacking on the driver
in the first place...)

Brett Lymn
"We are were wolves",
"You mean werewolves?",
"No we were wolves, now we are something else entirely",

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