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Re: issues with touchpad after update

Hi guys!

I just updated and rebuilt the kernel to current.
It is much better now.

Essentially, without using two fingers, it works fine without the need of any tweaks.

Scrolling however is almost unusable, very jerky, speeds up and moves
around, but really "happens" only when I put two fingers on it.

It should only happen when you put two fingers on the touchpad.  If you
are seeing cursor movements when you have two fingers on the touchpad
then you need to increase:


No, the latest version doesn't jump, but it scrolls very badly, e.g. I just move two fingers slightly and I end at the bottom or the top of the scroll port, sometimes with a couple of jumps forth and back.
The capabilities you see are decoded from queries made to the touchpad.
On initialisation the driver asks the touchpad what it is capable of,
what you see in dmesg is what the touchpad says it can do.

Indeed it "works" just not coveniently, so the feature is indeed implemented. Non-multi-touch would jump badly with two fingers.

Perhaps, as you write, it is sending to many scroll events or the scroll amount is too big?

I don't have a scollbar so I cannot test that but I am thinking that I
need to rework the handling of the two finger scroll, it is very
sensitive - I am thinking I should change the scaling on it to be a
divisor instead of a multiplier so that large movements don't produce
too many scroll events - the X server really doesn't like lots of scroll

It is something which worked only with the special synaptics driver, not the standard windows one, the right area of the touchbar has a bar drawn on and using that scrolled without the need of two fingers. I think it is just a software feature, maybe not even convenient - I am not accustomed to it because e.g. ThinkPads do not have it.


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