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Re: issues with touchpad after update

Hallo Martin,

Martin Husemann wrote:
I have seen that but Brett's latest synaptics commit mostly fixed it for
me. Before that, I had

Latest... more than 2 days ago?


I don't have any (yet) settings in sysctl . Mine wopere 12 and 5:

disc$ sudo sysctl -w hw.synaptics.finger_scroll-max=14
hw.synaptics.finger_scroll-max: 12 -> 14
disc$ sudo sysctl -w hw.synaptics.finger_scroll-min=13
hw.synaptics.finger_scroll-min: 5 -> 13

using your values, I can use the touchpad "normally", that is, with only one finger it does the job, which is already something :) Scrolling however is almost unusable, very jerky, speeds up and moves around, but really "happens" only when I put two fingers on it.

Reading the values, the one I had as "min" should however be fine, since it is the minimum width and I have pretty large fingers, they will be never close together.

in my /etc/sysctl.conf, see pms(4) for an explanation of the various values.
This certainly needs more fine tuning, but seems to differ a lot between
various devices, so is quite hard to debug for a developer with a single
test notebook;-)

in dmesg I see:

[     1.020391] pms0 at pckbc1 (aux slot)
[     1.020391] pms0: Synaptics touchpad version 7.4
[     1.020391] pms0: Extended W mode, Palm detect, Multi-finger Report

I am actually unsure my touchpad is Multi-finger! I don't think, it has a "scroll area" on the right (which never worked on NetBSD, only on Windows)

Given the above test, it indeed appears to be multi-touch! But not usable... the Scroll bar at right was probably something specific to the windows driver (I don't have windows anymore... I used the other partition to test Haiku) [1]


[1] : OffTopic : I always wanted some NetBSD (and FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux....) stickers to replace the "Window 7" logo ... possibly with the Daemon and/or the old logo, Only the new Flag and text is a bit anonymous

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