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re: sparc-current xsrc freetype2 vs fonts/fontconfig?

On Wed, 13 Jun 2018, matthew green wrote:

> this is actually not enough.  i'm not sure exactly how to avoid
> this problem, if it is the same i saw, but try this.
> the old version still around in my /usr/X11R7.  eg, pkgsrc has
>, and xsrc has .so.2 now.  however, my system
> is old and had the old xsrc still in
> /usr/X11R7/lib and the buildlink phase was linking some files
> from pkgsrc and some files from x11 for it!
> i removed these old files, and rebuilt x11-links from scratch
> and then my builds were sane again.  it was critical to rebuild
> x11-links _after_ the removal.

I have only "/usr/X11R7/*" files.  Any old version
was removed some time ago.  The "x11-links" package was rebuilt well
after the removal.

> FWIW, i posted about this last week:

I saw that and only the bit about old libraries jumped out at me, so
I made a point to check my sparc install's /usr/X11R7/lib.

Now, the main point I see is the use of "PREFER.fontconfig=pkgsrc" and

As I didn't need these on i386/amd64-current, I wasn't expecting to need
them on sparc-current.  I suppose that's the next thing to try.

> see above, perhaps they're just missing the old libs.

I was going to assert that my i386/amd64-current installs were in the
same state as the sparc-current installs, but checking reveals that
while they do NOT have old "*" libs, they DO have old
"{7,17}.* files that are not picked up by the "obsolete"
check in 'postinstall'.

I should note this is pkgsrc-2018Q1 and thus x11-links-1.10.

(2nd attempt to send.  DNS is hosed, so my ISP denies relaying email.)

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