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Re: More ctf fallout on a linux host

The first thing to try is to do the build with a completely empty object directory. If that doesn't fix it...

Based on the error messages during the build of tools in on systems missing the u_longlong_t type, I think the build might fail with the committed patch because the messages seemed to indicate the u_longlong_t type needs to be defined before <rpc/types.h> is included (<rpc/types.h> includes <sys/types.h>, and <sys/types.h> is the header that does not have the u_longlong_t type on some Linux systems). In compat_defs.h, <rpc/types.h> is included at line 75, but the typedef for u_longlong_t is added at line 1302.

In the patch I tested with a successful build on a Debian 8 system that also did not have the u_longlong_t type, I placed the typedef for u_longlong_t between lines 74 and 75 of compat_defs.h instead of at line 1302, where it is placed in the committed patch. Although it seems logical to place the missing typedef at the same place in compat_defs.h that take care of any other missing type definitions that belong in <sys/types.h>, I am not sure that placement in the compat_defs.h file actually fixes the build of tools on Linux systems.

I don't know if this means the build of that component of tools (ctf, libctf) using is not including header files in the expected order.

Chuck Zmudzinski

On 06/12/2018 04:01 AM, Andreas Gustafsson wrote: wrote:
Thanks, I committed that.
The build still fails on my Debian 9 system after that commit.
The configure script prints

   checking for u_longlong_t... no

and the build later fails with:

   --- ctf_create.lo ---
   In file included from /bracket/build/2018.,
                    from /bracket/build/2018.,
                    from /bracket/build/2018.
   /bracket/build/2018. error: unknown type name 'u_longlong_t'
    typedef u_longlong_t ulonglong_t;

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