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Re: long delay getting address from ISP w/-current dhcpcd

On Mon, 24 Jul 2017, John D. Baker wrote:

> Now that it has generated a new DUID (and once the ISP's DHCP server
> issues a lease for it), I'll need to be sure and copy the "duid" file
> as "/etc/dhcpcd.duid" for the netbsd-7 installation on the CF card.
> Then, an update to netbsd-8 will migrate it to "/var/db/dhcpcd/duid".

This seems to have been a case of different DUID values between the
local disk (CF) installation and the NFS-root installation and the ISP's
behavior when being presented with a DUID of which it doesn't yet have
(or no-longer has) a record.

Copying the "/var/db/dhcpcd/duid" file from the -current NFS install to
"/etc/dhcpcd.duid" on the netbsd-7 CF install ensured that either case
would get an address quickly.  The subsequent upgrade to 8.0_BETA migrated
the "/etc/dhcpcd.duid" file to "/var/db/dhcpcd/duid" and everything is
working nicely now.

Now, to keep this behavior in mind should I put my old SS5-based router
back into service or replace it with an ERLITE or one of the supported
RouterBoard products.

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