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Re: long delay getting address from ISP w/-current dhcpcd

On Sun, 23 Jul 2017, John D. Baker wrote:

> I'm using the stock "dhcpcd.conf" file.  Although there was a previous
> "dhcpcd.duid" file generated via internal interface "sip0", after moving
> it aside, a new one is not generated for "sip2".  ("sip0" is configured
> statically.)

I just realized that 'dhcpcd' in -8 and -current migrated a number of
files to "/var/db/dhcpcd/*".  The old "/etc/dhcpcd.duid" was still lying
around from before that change.  I moved "/var/db/dhcpcd/duid" aside and
a new one was generated.  I've since removed the obsolete files.

Before doing that, rebooting the router (again netboot of 8.99.1) acquired
a lease right away.  After that, (while composing this message), it is
again taking a long time to get a lease.  Although the ISP's lease time
is only 30 minutes, it appears to take much longer than that for it to
accept the new DUID and issue a lease.  (39+ minutes as of this attempt.)

Now that it has generated a new DUID (and once the ISP's DHCP server
issues a lease for it), I'll need to be sure and copy the "duid" file
as "/etc/dhcpcd.duid" for the netbsd-7 installation on the CF card.
Then, an update to netbsd-8 will migrate it to "/var/db/dhcpcd/duid".

I also noticed that 'ifconfig' in -current (and presumedly -8) no longer
marks alias addresses with the "alias" keyword.  I'll need to adjust my
"dhcpcd.exit-hook" script to deal with this.

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