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long delay getting address from ISP w/-current dhcpcd

Exploring system update to my NAT router (Soekris net4501) currently
running netbsd-7/i386 from CompactFlash.

The upstream side is connected to an ADSL modem operating as a transparent
bridge and the "sip2" interface acquires the public IP address via DHCP
using 'dhcpcd'.

Under netbsd-7, the public IP address is acquired almost immediately.

Net-booting 8.99.1, acquiring the public IP address takes on the order
of 45 minutes.  Watching "sip2" with 'tcpdump' shows a great many
transmissions of BOOTP/DHCP request with no reply.  A great many ARP
requests were also transmitted.  Every now and then, there would be an
incoming packet destined for the address previously held by "sip2".

I'm using the stock "dhcpcd.conf" file.  Although there was a previous
"dhcpcd.duid" file generated via internal interface "sip0", after moving
it aside, a new one is not generated for "sip2".  ("sip0" is configured

Anyone else using a Soekris box with netbsd-8 or -current and 'dhcpcd'
for acquiring the public IP from their ISP?  Seeing long delays?

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