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Re: heads-up: sh changes (perhaps fragility)

from Robert Elz:

> You might want to actually try with a newer dhcpcd - while the intent is
> to keep full binary compatibility with older userland, sometimes things
> just slip through the cracks, especially when some kernel function is, in
> practice, only ever used by one program.

> You might also want to be a little clearer on what "broke dhcpcd" really
> means, did it dump core"   Write gibberish all over the root filesys?
> Or just fail to acquire an address?   And if the latter, how is it configured?
> And what is the state of your network interface (re0 or whatever) after
> dhcpcd has attempted to acquire the address?

> If you run dhcpcd by hand, does it say anything?

> kre

I just re-sent another message by mistake (apologies!), may be too tired.

When I said "broke dhcpcd and dhclient", I meant in combination with re.

I didn't mean to suggest that dhclient and dhcpcd were generally broken.

I think dhcpcd in NetBSD 8.99.1 is the most current.

I got in /var/crash (am now in FreeBSD, mounting NetBSD partition at /media/zip0):

root@amelia:/usr/src/sys/i386/conf # ls -l /media/zip0/var/crash
total 58900
ls: /media/zip0/var/crash/bounds: Operation not supported
-rw-------  1 root  wheel         2 Jun  6 20:39 bounds
ls: /media/zip0/var/crash/minfree: Operation not supported
-rw-------  1 root  wheel         5 Jun  8  2014 minfree
ls: /media/zip0/var/crash/netbsd.0.core.gz: Operation not supported
-rw-------  1 root  wheel  59754687 Jun  6 20:39 netbsd.0.core.gz
ls: /media/zip0/var/crash/netbsd.0.gz: Operation not supported
-rw-------  1 root  wheel    504265 Jun  6 20:39 netbsd.0.gz

I explicitly type

dhcpcd re0    or
dhclient re0

dhcpcd got an IP address that I didn't expect;

could not find

If I ran dhclient instead of dhcpcd, then
host  ,
system rebooted.

But this really needs a new thread, perhaps on tech-kern list.


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