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Re: dhcpcd.conf, ntp_servers, and RCS ID?

from Roy Marples:

> On 02/06/17 17:31, John D. Baker wrote:
> > The recent import of newer versions of the dhcpcd software has changed
> > some behaviors.
> > In the past, the default "dhcpcd.conf" included "option ntp_servers".
> > The current default has this commented out.

> Some people commented that dhcpcd.conf shouldn't do so much by default.
> It could even change timezone if the DHCP server sends the correct RFC option.

> > I was therefore surprised when my machines running -current reported
> > "No association IDs returned" when running 'ntpq -p'.  (My "/etc/ntp.conf"
> > has commented out the default servers in favor of getting them via DHCP
> > or explicitly using my local NTP servers.)
> > No problem, uncomment the option.
> > It then turns out that "dhcpcd.conf" no-longer bears an RCS ID.  As
> > such, changes made will be flagged when 'etcupdate' is run, even with
> > the "-l" option.

> Thoughts on how to manage that without an RCSID are welcome.
> Hopefully we'll move of CVS one day and this problem will come to a head
> again.

"we'll move of CVS one day?"  Do you mean off?  FreeBSD switched from cvs/cvsup/csup to svn in summer 2012 because of a security breach.

My bigger interest here is no longer being able to connect to the Internet with NetBSD-current with Realtek 8111E/8168 Ethernet, re(4) driver.

I don't really think I could get around this bug by tweaking dhcpcd.conf, but you might have a better idea on this matter.


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