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Re: heads-up: sh changes (perhaps fragility)

    Date:        Wed, 07 Jun 2017 01:03:43 +0000
    From:        "Thomas Mueller" <>
    Message-ID:  <2C.7A.01815.CE057395@dnvrco-omsmta03>

  |  suppose this belongs in another thread

Yes,  it does, I don't think the shell has any particular influence
over dhcpcd or dhclient, and even less over the re driver...

The dhcp clients do run sh scripts, but as I recall, they are astonishingly
simple, and if they were not being handled correctly, we'd be noticing
breakage all over the place.

  | UPDATE: Not so fast!  I tried the update on amd64 and found the
  | resulting kernel broke dhcpcd and dhclient in combination with re(4)
  | driver, making it impossible to access the Internet.

You might want to actually try with a newer dhcpcd - while the intent is
to keep full binary compatibility with older userland, sometimes things
just slip through the cracks, especially when some kernel function is, in
practice, only ever used by one program.

You might also want to be a little clearer on what "broke dhcpcd" really
means, did it dump core"   Write gibberish all over the root filesys?
Or just fail to acquire an address?   And if the latter, how is it configured?
And what is the state of your network interface (re0 or whatever) after
dhcpcd has attempted to acquire the address?

If you run dhcpcd by hand, does it say anything?


in case it is not obvious, "x is broken" is one of he most useless error
reports to receive - one time in a thousand someone might be able to guess
what is wrong, but usually we need information about just what it was that
happened, and should not have happened, or didn't happen and should have.
That, at the very minimum, in any bug report, about anything.

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