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Re: NetBSD hardware support

Thanks for the response. We seem to have both come to a reasonably similar conclusion.

The machines is a MICROS WS4 Point Of Sale Terminal. It currently boots with Windows CE .Net Version 4.4 and does not support Java. In fact, it barely supports Windows CE :->

My plan is to build a custom kernel (to make it as small as possible) and use a program I found on SourceForge that converts a kernel image to a Windows CE nk.bin boot image. I'll then load the removable CF card with the nk.bin image and "upgrade" the machine to NetBSD 7.0 (I hope) and install Java 1.8.

After that, I should be able to boot the machine up as a NetBSD "terminal" and autostart the POS system, thereby making the device a usable terminal again.

The people that do Point Of Sale for a living are selling these terminals for $5. If I can load them up and get them running something a little more modern (and modifiable) I should be able to save restaurant owners and Mom-and-Pop businesses thousands of dollar by allowing them to continue to use there old hardware.

Just a thought.
Old machine. SC3200 CPU, DP83815 Ethernet controller, PC 87360 Super IO, and AD37845E touchscreen controller. Can anyone verify if there's a chance that these might work with NetBSD 7.0?

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