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Re: NetBSD hardware support

2016-02-24 16:51 GMT+01:00 Dave Burgess <>:
> Old machine. SC3200 CPU, DP83815 Ethernet controller, PC 87360 Super IO, and
> AD37845E touchscreen controller. Can anyone verify if there's a chance that
> these might work with NetBSD 7.0?

Geode SC3200 seems to be a x86 SoC and based on Geode GX1 (which is
supported by /i386, I have a machine with it).
Driver for DP83815 is sip(4).
What is special about the Super IO (most just work)? Possibly its
specific hardware monitor stuff is unsupported.
AD37845E touchscreen controller: no idea, cannot find any info about it.

If the machine has some kind of regular BIOS, is PC'ish enough, and
has a way to get a console (serial or keyboard or does the touchscreen
controller emulate this?), I don't know why it shouldn't boot. Good
luck! :)


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