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Re: NetBSD hardware support

2016-02-25 18:49 GMT+01:00 Dave Burgess <>:
> The machines is a MICROS WS4 Point Of Sale Terminal. It currently boots with
> Windows CE .Net Version 4.4 and does not support Java. In fact, it barely
> supports Windows CE :->

Interesting machine, I googled it up and it seems it has two PS/2
ports for keyboard and mouse, RS232, USB ports, and rather unusual
RS422 as well as cash drawer connectors.
It also has a CF socket...

> My plan is to build a custom kernel (to make it as small as possible) and
> use a program I found on SourceForge that converts a kernel image to a
> Windows CE nk.bin boot image. I'll then load the removable CF card with the
> nk.bin image and "upgrade" the machine to NetBSD 7.0 (I hope) and install
> Java 1.8.

If you are lucky enough you can boot directly off the CF card without
twiddling. I could do that with my Geode thin client, which has a
disk-on-module with stinky WinCE, but also a regular IDE connector
inside, and a common Award BIOS.

Java and your PoS application sounds ambitious, I guess you will need
X and the touchscreen working then? Could mean serious hacking.
There is someone who tried with a Tatung TWN-5213CU WebPad (similar HW
like SC3200, touchscreen etc.) and Linux:

For $5 hardware investment you should just try out how far you can get. :)


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