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Re: nouveau under -current

   Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2016 14:10:24 +0000
   From: Chavdar Ivanov <>

   I see a few days ago nouveau was enabled in GENERIC (at least in
   amd64). I wonder if I have to do something else to get this to work
   with my two systems with NVidia graphics - a ThinkPAD T61p with
   Quadro FX570m and a dual Opteron system with a similar old card.
   The former panics not being able to get to multiuser, the latter
   displays a long debug screen from Nouveau and then freezes. If I
   disable nouveau, they all work fine.  I got a dump from the
   ThinkPAD, but savecore refuses to save it, claiming that it has
   been taken at Epoch time.

I have a pretty similar machine with a pretty similar issue -- a T61p
with some kind of nvidia graphics (not sure the marketing number).  If
you see something about a uvm fault during nouveau_ramht_new, it's
probably the same issue: <>.

Since I apparently ran out of time to debug this, I'm thinking of
reverting the enabling of nouveau in x86 GENERIC for now.

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