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nouveau under -current


I see a few days ago nouveau was enabled in GENERIC (at least in amd64). I wonder if I have to do something else to get this to work with my two systems with NVidia graphics - a ThinkPAD T61p with Quadro FX570m and a dual Opteron system with a similar old card. The former panics not being able to get to multiuser, the latter displays a long debug screen from Nouveau and then freezes. If I disable nouveau, they all work fine.  I got a dump from the ThinkPAD, but savecore refuses to save it, claiming that it has been taken at Epoch time. 

Anything else, devices to recreate? 

(I can provide a screenshot from the ThinkPAD trace, if it is interesting, and also file a PR, I am asking if I have missed something from the setup). 


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