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Re: NetBSD-HEAD amd64 refuses to build

>   | A "different compiler" I might use would be a newer version of gcc
> That can cause problems - or would if you really were using it the way
> that you believe...  When building NetBSD, the compiler that needs to
> be on the host system (the one you're talking about) is used to build
> the tools - which in particular, means to build the compiler that the
> NetBSD build system wants to use, which comes from the NetBSD sources
> (it also builds NetBSD's make, and a bunch of other stuff that are needed).

> Once those exist, everything else (everything that you will eventually
> install) is built using the compiler that has been built that way.
> Given that, provided the compiler you have is good enough to build gcc
> itself, it really doesn't matter which version it is.

>   | A problem with send-pr is where to specify the outgoing SMTP server.

> If you don't have e-mail set up, use the web interface instead, you
> can find it on - in the menu bar neat the top of the page,
> hover over "Support", then drop down to "Report a bug" in the menu that
> appears, and click on that.

> kre

I have e-mail set up for msmtp and mpop.

I tried with postfix, but it failed to send allegedly because my hostname
was different from e-mail address: not a problem with msmtp.

I believe e-mail clients configure SMTP and POP3 servers independent of
system sendmail, and independent of hostname on the computer.

I built modular Xorg from pkgsrc, and on NetBSD-current amd64, X wouldn't
start at all.  I had same problem with OpenBSD 5.4 Live USB

Would www interface work with lynx or links?  I built those from pkgsrc.

On new FreeBSD installations, I haven't built X yet: in ports but not
available in base system.

But some problems don't produce console output error messages, like the
screenblank bug in NetBSD 5.x and getting dark screen after returning from X.

Also, on NetBSD-current, when using more than one virtual terminal, no more
response to keyboard input, though most, but not all the time, unplugging the
mouse brings back the keyboard.


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