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Re: NetBSD-HEAD amd64 refuses to build

> A clean build with no special options means at least this:

  * clean source tree, with no extra or modified files (it might be
    easiest to delete everything and check out a clean source tree);
  * no left over output files or temporary files from previous build
    attempts, such as TOOLDIR, RELEASEDIR, DESTDIR, or obj dirs;
  * no /etc/mk.conf or similar file;
  * no -V options passed to;
  * no environment variables that are intended to affect the build.
--apb (Alan Barrett)

I thought of cleaning out the entire src tree and redownloading/re-cvs'ing, but 
John Nemeth didn't think that necessary.

This is a USB-stick installation with src tree and pkgsrc tree on FreeBSD 
hard-drive partition, so I want to do the build work on the hard drive.

Src and pkgsrc trees are /BETA1/netbsd-HEAD/usr/src and /BETA1/pkgsrc 

This happened because there is a bug in FreeBSD support for Realtek 8111E 
Ethernet on MSI Z77 MPOWER motherboard, but OK with NetBSD-current and NetBSD 
6.1_STABLE, amd64 in both cases.  OpenBSD 5.4 and DragonFlyBSD 3.6.0 share this 
FreeBSD bug; I tested from Live USB sticks.  OK with Linux from SystemRescueCD 
3.6.0 USB-stick install.

NetBSD is the only OS where I can download FreeBSD source, ports and doc trees 
onto UFS2/ffsv2 partition using subversion, built from NetBSD pkgsrc in this 

I need /etc/mk.conf for pkgsrc though it apparently plays no role in system 

> Is this problem repeatable, and does it also appear with -j1?

--apb (Alan Barrett)

I never set -j1, though I've omitted this parameter a few times, and it made no 
apparent difference.

FreeBSD advises not using such a parameter on system builds, so I could follow 
this advice for NetBSD too.

Reason for the subject line with mpc, gmp and mpfr was the belief that partial 
update might be screwing the build.


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