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Re: NetBSD-HEAD amd64 refuses to build

On Dec 18,  9:48am, "Thomas Mueller" wrote:
} > Yes, and you can pass "-V MAKECONF=/etc/makenetbsd.conf" to
} > to make it use that file instead of /etc/make.conf.

    You could, but it would be much better to just follow the
instructions that you've been given.  It would be a lot harder for
people to help you, if you experiment.

} > > Now I think I could use a newer gcc from FreeBSD ports if I choose
} > > or need to cross-compile NetBSD from FreeBSD.
} >
} > > I always use to build NetBSD system, have never used make
} > > directly for that purpose.

     Keep in mind that one of the early things does is to
build the version of GCC supplied with NetBSD.  After that, everything
is compiled using it as a cross-compiler.  The compiler on the host
system is only used to build the tools.

     It is possible to instruct to use a different compiler,
but you should stick with as many defaults as possible for now in
order to work out the kinks.  Once you are successfully building,
you can experiment.

} On 
} > I just looked in NetBSD's /etc/mk.conf and found the lines
} > #if BSD_PKG_MK
} > #endif
} > with pkgsrc stuff in between, so those lines are still there.
} I hand-copied it wrong as had John Nemeth before me.  I also might have
} had #define and #include C preprocessor statements on the back of my mind.

     Oops, yes, my bad.  If you follow source-changes, you'll note
that I mostly hack C, not Makefiles.

} Advice in and BUILDING is to use instead of directly
} running make.
} A "different compiler" I might use would be a newer version of
} gcc as opposed to an entirely different compiler (what else for
} NetBSD, other than llvm/clang?)


} I've complained about crashes, instabilities and comical failures in NetBSD

     I'm having trouble figuring out how a failure can be described
as "comical".

} since summer 2011, and wondered if it was worth the trouble.
} A problem with send-pr is where to specify the outgoing SMTP
} server.  It's easier to set up msmtp or other SMTP client.
} Sendmail is so mysterious, mystic, and postfix is almost as bad.

     Sendmail isn't mysterious to me :->  But, then I've been
configuring and maintaining Sendmail for 20+ years.

     Anyways, if you go to and look under
"Support" you'll find a link for "Report a bug" which takes you to .  That page
is a web version of send-pr and can be used to report bugs if you
don't have a functioning mail system.

}-- End of excerpt from "Thomas Mueller"

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