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Re: NetBSD-HEAD amd64 refuses to build

> Yes, and you can pass "-V MAKECONF=/etc/makenetbsd.conf" to
> to make it use that file instead of /etc/make.conf.

> > I must bear in mind that FreeBSD is much stabler than NetBSD on my
> > hardware.

> Please report crashes.  I don't know whether there's a document on how
> to do that, but you can use the send-pr(1) program, and include the
> relevant kernel messages (the green text you might see on the
> console), and any extra information you are able to gather from the
> kernel debugger (an abbreviated version of the output from ddb's "bt"
> command is often useful).

> > Now I think I could use a newer gcc from FreeBSD ports if I choose
> > or need to cross-compile NetBSD from FreeBSD.
> > I always use to build NetBSD system, have never used make
> > directly for that purpose.

> Please just use  It should allow building NetBSD from
> FreeBSD, or building NetBSD from another version of NetBSD, or many
> other things.

> It is theoretically possible to use a different compiler, but that's
> usually done only by people who are porting NetBSD to a new platform,
> porting a new compiler to NetBSD, or something similarly tricky.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

> I just looked in NetBSD's /etc/mk.conf and found the lines
> #if BSD_PKG_MK
> #endif
> with pkgsrc stuff in between, so those lines are still there.

I hand-copied it wrong as had John Nemeth before me.  I also might have
had #define and #include C preprocessor statements on the back of my mind.

Advice in and BUILDING is to use instead of directly
running make.

A "different compiler" I might use would be a newer version of gcc as opposed
to an entirely different compiler (what else for NetBSD, other than llvm/clang?)

I've complained about crashes, instabilities and comical failures in NetBSD
since summer 2011, and wondered if it was worth the trouble.

A problem with send-pr is where to specify the outgoing SMTP server.  It's
easier to set up msmtp or other SMTP client.  Sendmail is so mysterious, mystic,
and postfix is almost as bad.


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