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Re: READ ME: updating mpc, mpfr, and eventually gmp

On Sun, 15 Dec 2013, Thomas Mueller wrote:
My /etc/mk.conf is geared to pkgsrc, I don't see anything relevant to building the system.

Is all the pkgsrc-related stuff protected by ".if defined(BSD_PKG_MK)" ?
If not, then it will be used for a system build too.

There was a suggestion to set -std=c++0x or -std=gnu0x; I could use 11 in place of 0x but don't know where to put it.

In a special make.conf?  Or command line?

I was not joking when I referred to you a web page about how to ask questions. There are probably people who might be able to help you, but just can't understand what problem you are encountering. Please read and follow the advice in "How to ask questions the smart way" <> and "How to report bugs effectively" <>.

Please try to keep "it doesn't build", "it crashes", "it doesn't work properly", and "I need help" in separate messages, with a different Subject line for each topic. Please include enough relevant details in your messages. For example: What does "Subject: READ ME: updating mpc, mpfr, and eventually gmp" have to do with any of this? If "there was a suggestion" to do something, then where was the suggestion made? (Link to it if possible.)

NetBSD can be built on many platforms. There are sometimes problems, but they are usually fixed or at least understood quite quickly. If you have problems that other people don't, then the problems are likely to be due to differences between your system and other systems. Please start by removing as many of those differences as possible. Perform a clean build with no special options. If that doesn't work, then report the errors. If it works, then start adding your special options, just a few at a time so you have a chance of knowing which options cause problems.

A clean build with no special options means at least this:

  * clean source tree, with no extra or modified files (it might be
    easiest to delete everything and check out a clean source tree);
  * no left over output files or temporary files from previous build
    attempts, such as TOOLDIR, RELEASEDIR, DESTDIR, or obj dirs;
  * no /etc/mk.conf or similar file;
  * no -V options passed to;
  * no environment variables that are intended to affect the build.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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