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RE: IMAGEMB settings

> > More importantly is that the value can't be overridden as it's
> > defined with "IMAGEMB=512" instead of "IMAGEMB?=512".
> IMAGEMB is used to pass the size value from image dependent Makefiles
> to common Makefile.bootimage so it isn't user configurable.
> But for usbimage and emulmages it might be worth to have extra
> USBIMAGEMB and EMUIMAGEMB configuration variables:
> ---
> ---

On my build system I have a tarball of packages built for the target and config 
scripts that I've been dropping into release/i386/ prior to building the 
iso-image.  The current tarball is 210MB and the resulting install-image is too 
small to include the sets and my tarball.  This has been my process since back 
in 2.0 days.

Instead of picking arbitrary sizes for IMAGEMB perhaps it could be sized to the 
actual size of release/<arch> instead of statically defined?  If not, allow the 
builder to pass [through ENV] a value suitable.

> > In my build I'd also like to also augment SPEC_EXTRA too.
> > Is there a mechanism for extending that too?
> What type of image are you trying to customize?

If I could augment the live-image so all the pre-configuration (package install 
and file tweaking) existed on my build system, that would be sweet.  I already 
maintain etc/mtree/special.local for all the files on my build systems -- 
maintaining the spec files for install would be little/no more maintenance.

I'll have a look at doing a customimage.  I'm guessing I wouldn't be able to 
invoke it from though...



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