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Re: how to disable 'sending IPv6 router solicitation'

On Mon, 29 Oct 2012, Roy Marples wrote:

On 28/10/2012 14:55, Saifi Khan wrote:
How to disable 'sending IPv6 router solicitation' ?

I'm using NetBSD current on AMD64 box with Atheros NIC that connects
to a IPv4 router for DHCP assigned address.

x53u# dhcpcd -d -g -L -n -w re0

I don't want IPv6 and Zeroconf, rather just plain ipv4 DHCP address.

Add noipv6rs to dhcpcd.conf(5)
The next major dhcpcd release will sport the more familiar -4 and -6 options.

If i 'reboot' the system, it is able to acquire a ipv4 address, but
if i boot the system with no networking (consider it no carrier
available), and later attempt the following
 # /etc/rc.d/network restart
 # dhcpcd -d -g -L -n -w re0
then dhcpcd is not able to acquire the ipv4 address at all.

Any suggestions ?

Don't use -g



Roy thanks for highlighting the option to use.

in fact for me, both the options 'noipv4all' and 'noip6rs' came in handy.

As a long time Gentoo user ;-) i was wondering how is that with just one line 
entry in /etc/conf.d/net


the ipv6 router solicitation does not get triggered.

With the focus back to the options in dhcpcd.conf, the behaviour is less 
magicaland helps keep things straight.


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