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Re: IMAGEMB settings

> On my build system I have a tarball of packages built for
> the target and config scripts that I've been dropping into
> release/i386/ prior to building the iso-image.
> The current tarball is 210MB and the resulting install-image
> is too small to include the sets and my tarball.
> This has been my process since back in 2.0 days.

Ok, I see.

> Instead of picking arbitrary sizes for IMAGEMB perhaps
> it could be sized to the actual size of release/<arch>
> instead of statically defined?

Well, it's possble, but we need a script/Makefile guru
to implement it...

> If not, allow the builder to pass [through ENV] a value suitable.

I'll add option variables like INSTALLIMGMB/USBIMGMB/EMUIMGMB etc.

> > > In my build I'd also like to also augment SPEC_EXTRA too.
> > > Is there a mechanism for extending that too?
> >
> > What type of image are you trying to customize?
> If I could augment the live-image so all the pre-configuration
> (package install and file tweaking) existed on my build system,
> that would be sweet.

I also thought to put pre-installed binary packages into custom
liveimage, but I gave it up because:
- pkg_add(8) doesn't provide options to prepare spec files as install(8)
  and maintaining spec files manually is a bit pain
- some pacakges might update lines in /etc/shells or /etc/master.passwd etc
- useradd(8) doesn't handle DESTDIR environment

Instead, I've prepared an "afterboot(8) installation image" that includes
necessary binary packages and custom /etc/skel files etc. and
just run a dumb script as following:
on qemu (the target liveimage is on wd0 and afterboot image is on wd1)
so that I can build custom liveimages including all necessary
package binaries and a prepared user on my build host.

> I already maintain etc/mtree/special.local for all the files
> on my build systems -- maintaining the spec files for install
> would be little/no more maintenance.

If you already have maintained spec file, you could simply add
your binary .tgz set (which also include spec file in /etc/mtree) into
SETS variable (mentioned in distrib/common/bootimage/Makefile.bootimage)
might also work.

Izumi Tsutsui

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