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RE: IMAGEMB settings

On Mar 21,  5:19am, peter eisch wrote:
} On my build system I have a tarball of packages built for the target
} and config scripts that I've been dropping into release/i386/ prior
} to building the iso-image.  The current tarball is 210MB and the
} resulting install-image is too small to include the sets and my
} tarball.  This has been my process since back in 2.0 days.

     You can use the somewhat new -C option to have stuff automatically
added to the iso-image:

     -C cdextras
               Append cdextras to the CDEXTRA variable, which is a space-sepa-
               rated list of files or directories that will be added to the
               CD-ROM image that may be create by the ``iso-image'' or
               ``iso-image-source'' operations.  Files will be added to the
               root of the CD-ROM image, whereas directories will be copied
               recursively.  If relative paths are specified, they will be
               converted to absolute paths before being used.  Multiple paths
               may be specified via multiple -C options, or via a single
               option whose argument contains multiple space-separated paths.

}-- End of excerpt from peter eisch

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