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Re: ATF tests still failing to complete within 2 hours on amd64

Martin Husemann wrote:
> Yay! The sparc64 tests are back to a single spurious failure (the ssh one
> that has always timed out).

On the TNF i386 test server, the http, sigio, and ssh tests now all
pass, but several other networking-related tests that also broke at
the time of Thor's November 19 commit are still failing.

I picked one of them at random and verified that it also fails when
run stand-alone:

  # cd /usr/tests/net/icmp
  # ./t_ping simpleping
  t_ping: WARNING: Running test cases without atf-run(1) is unsupported
  t_ping: WARNING: No isolation nor timeout control is being applied; you may 
get unexpected failures; see atf-test-case(4)
  failed: ping failed

Thor, could you have a look at this one, too?
Andreas Gustafsson,

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