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AW: Monitoring bandwidth utilization with/on NetBSD

Dear Chris,

depending from your needs you make take a look at the following apps:

 - darkstat (very simple standalone BW grapher with standalone web GUI)
 - ntop (more complex then darkstat)

Both are able to measure BW even on IP base.

With NTOP it should be possible to install it on the gateway host to realize a 
complex network statistics for your LAN.

NTOP may affect network performance if running i.e. at the gateway.

If you want a central monitoring instead for your distributed machines on the 
LAN (by machine and/or machine interface) you may:

 - install SNMP on that boxes / system you want to monitor
 - use
 * CACTI (a comfortable RRDtool / MRTG frontend - web frontend)
 * Zabbix (a complete monitoring suite - web frontend)

Both of these solutions could be found in professional or enterprise networks 
too - but with SNMP you are usually not able to measure BW on a IP base - this 
is typically done by network interface.

Cacti and Zabbix allow multi user access - so you are able to provide access 
i.e. a web GUI to monitoring parameters / graphs to different users.

Beside SNMP Zabbix allows monitoring by his own agent too if installed on the 
monitored system.



Internet & Open Source

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