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Subject: AW: Re: Monitoring bandwidth utilization with/on NetBSD
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 07:19:37 +0100
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> nagios with net-snmp
how does nagios byself do any BW graphing by snmp or any BW statistics =
(i.e. over a given or even different timespans)? Nagios is a very (!) nice =
alarming system but (without any extensions for this) producing graphs or =
BW analysis seems not to be a main focus of that tool.

Yes it may be possible to get and save the current traffic counters within =
the nagios archive but there is no real graph unit within nagios which can =
provide typical BW / traffic graphs (and the solution is usually very bad =
for such graphing).

Or did you mean any external nagios extension / plugin here - i.e. which =
produces analysis from nagios archives or nagios mysql data? This would be =
very interesting to me.



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