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Re: tmpfs(8) link to the mount_tmpfs man page?

On May 14, 2010, at 3:23 AM, David Holland wrote:
> Traditionally we don't have those, just mount_foofs(8), but I don't
> think that's such a good state of affairs; the mount_* pages are
> necessarily about mounting and not so about what the FS in question is
> or does or is good for.
> However, real FS man pages should be in section 4, I think.

  Very  much agreed.  I also noticed that man(1) for many of the filesystems 
actually link to the section 3 documentation about the API related to the fs in 
question.  So if we talk about some sort of cross-reference filesystems(8) (or 
(4)) page, those should be noted, where relevant, too.  But, I must admit I 
prefer the idea of having an actual description and history of the various 
filesystems in pages in section 4.  Some of this can be drawn from the 
mount_foofs(8) pages, much of it will, as noted, need subject-area-experts to 
write something up.

                       - Chris

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