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tmpfs(8) link to the mount_tmpfs man page?

I have now, many times, done "man mfs" and not even noticed that the resulting page I see is actually the mount_mfs man page. However, I'm always surprised to find that tmpfs has no man page! Well, to be more specific, my natural action of "man tmpfs" yields no man page.

In looking at the sources, it appears that mfs may be an oddity, and most of the other mount_ programs *don't* have such an MLINKS defined.

Initially, I was thinking we should make an MLINKS entry for mount_tmpfs. But, now I'm wondering if we should in fact *undo* the MLINKS linking mfs to mount_mfs.8 (in sbin/newfs).

I think the inconsistency, at least, should likely be addressed. Or is removing something that used to "work" also a "bad thing" in NetBSD minds?


                             - Chris

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