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Re: tmpfs(8) link to the mount_tmpfs man page?

On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 09:18:18AM +0300, Jukka Ruohonen wrote:
 > Ideally, there should be a manual page for each file system (cf. tmpfs(8),
 > hfs(8), and so on), describing some fundamental characteristics. But since
 > that is unlikely to happen, maybe we should have a generic "filesystems(8)"
 > where all supported file systems are listed. Then hfs(8), nilfs(8),
 > ext2fs(8), etc. could be links to that page.

Traditionally we don't have those, just mount_foofs(8), but I don't
think that's such a good state of affairs; the mount_* pages are
necessarily about mounting and not so about what the FS in question is
or does or is good for.

However, real FS man pages should be in section 4, I think.

(and we should have section 5 man pages documenting the layout and
structures, at least for some filesystems.)

David A. Holland

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