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Re: crontab: not allowed any longer

On May 13,  3:30pm, (Thomas Klausner) wrote:
-- Subject: crontab: not allowed any longer

| Hi!
| After an update to 5.99.29/20100511, my user now gets:
| # crontab -l
| You `wiz' are not allowed to use this program `crontab'
| See crontab(1) for more information
| /var/cron only contains the tabs directory, so according to the man
| page, the user should still be allowed to run crontab.
| Also, the man page claims that "/var/cron/allow       Optional list of
| users that are allowed to use crontab.". However, adding "wiz" to that
| file changes nothing; using /var/cron/cron.allow instead seems to work
| fine.
| I think that
| a) we should allow all users by default to use crontab, as before
| b) we should fix the pathnames, either in the man page or in the
| documentation (which one)?

I think you updated at the wrong time. All of that should be fixed on head.


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