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crontab: not allowed any longer


After an update to 5.99.29/20100511, my user now gets:
# crontab -l
You `wiz' are not allowed to use this program `crontab'
See crontab(1) for more information

/var/cron only contains the tabs directory, so according to the man
page, the user should still be allowed to run crontab.

Also, the man page claims that "/var/cron/allow       Optional list of
users that are allowed to use crontab.". However, adding "wiz" to that
file changes nothing; using /var/cron/cron.allow instead seems to work

I think that
a) we should allow all users by default to use crontab, as before
b) we should fix the pathnames, either in the man page or in the
documentation (which one)?


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