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Re: git copies of cvs modules available

On Tuesday 27 October 2009 4:11:55 pm Marko Schütz wrote:
> > We just about manage three builds a day on TNF hardware at present.
> Hmmm? Not more? That strikes me as very few. Are those `./
> release`s from a fresh checkout? 

Actually, that is quite good.  The builds include a full ./ for
every architecture on every build.   So a build of the -current branch does
a total of 57 ./ commands.  So assuming a build of a 4- branch, a
5- branch and -current, that would be around 166 ./ builds run and
these are full release builds that build .iso images for many architectures.
That is a *lot* of work.  Until some time in 2009, the TNF cluster was getting
less than one tag totally built.  Improvements in the TNF cluster has achieved
this speed.

> > We tend to have a bit more than three commits per day. (On a good day, by
> > a factor of 20).
> [..]
> You seem to imply that for every commit we'd need to do one of those
> (heavyweight) builds you mention above. Is this really necessary? I'm
> not convinced that it is.

While it may not require a complete release build, to test it properly so
one could be sure it would build correctly as above, one would need to
test all architecture builds.  This would imply doing builds of all the
needed cross-tools to test a small changes.  Given that we do a complete
build of every currently active branch at least every other day and we
do a complete build of -current every day, I see no reason to have any
kind of incremental build added to the job mix.  

See to see the number
of builds that have been happening recently.   

Something that might be possible is have a script figure out which file caused
a build to fail and send an e-mail to the last committer saying that a build
failed due to a file for which they were the most recent committer.


Phil Nelson (phil at
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