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Re: git copies of cvs modules available

At Tue, 27 Oct 2009 16:39:31 -0700,
Phil Nelson wrote:
> On Tuesday 27 October 2009 4:11:55 pm Marko Schütz wrote:
> > > We just about manage three builds a day on TNF hardware at present.
> > 
> > Hmmm? Not more? That strikes me as very few. Are those `./
> > release`s from a fresh checkout? 
> Actually, that is quite good.  The builds include a full ./ for
> every architecture on every build.   So a build of the -current branch does
> a total of 57 ./ commands.  So assuming a build of a 4- branch, a
> 5- branch and -current, that would be around 166 ./ builds run and
> these are full release builds that build .iso images for many architectures.
> That is a *lot* of work.  Until some time in 2009, the TNF cluster was getting
> less than one tag totally built.  Improvements in the TNF cluster has achieved
> this speed.
> > > We tend to have a bit more than three commits per day. (On a good day, by
> > > a factor of 20).
> > [..]
> > 
> > You seem to imply that for every commit we'd need to do one of those
> > (heavyweight) builds you mention above. Is this really necessary? I'm
> > not convinced that it is.
> While it may not require a complete release build, to test it properly so
> one could be sure it would build correctly as above, one would need to
> test all architecture builds.  This would imply doing builds of all the
> needed cross-tools to test a small changes.  Given that we do a complete
> build of every currently active branch at least every other day and we
> do a complete build of -current every day, I see no reason to have any
> kind of incremental build added to the job mix.  

Is that setup using ccache?

Best regards,


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