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Re: Protocol wskbd vs. Protocol standard

> In XKB, there are keycodes and keysyms.  [...]

In X, even, not just XKB.

But this is complicated in NetBSD's case because of wscons.  If
multiple keyboards on a single machine showed up as multiple keyboards
in X, using X's mapping mechanisms might be sufficient.  (Might.  I
haven't looked into how multiple input devices are handled in enough
detail to tell.)

But NetBSD likes to merge multiple keyboards into a single input
stream.  This means that either (1) each input keystroke needs to be
tagged with which keyboard it came from, or at least enough information
to tell which mapping table should be used for it, (2) this input
stream merging works only when the keyboards are sufficiently similar
that their mappings between keycode-analogs and keys are basically
identical, or (3) mapping to some common keysym-alike happens before
the input even streams get merged.

Each of those has some attractive properties.  But, overall, I think
(3) is the best choice for NetBSD.  Unless there's a (4) I didn't think
of, of course....

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