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Protocol wskbd vs. Protocol standard


I'm currently upstreaming xf86-input-keyboard changes from xsrc.

One question that appeared is why NetBSD uses 'Protocol "wskbd"' on
powerpc, sparc, sparc64, vax, evbarm, sgimips, and shark; instead of
'Protocol "standard"'. I was told that "standard" works on
OpenBSD/sparc64 and OpenBSD/macppc.

There is a comment in the reachover Makefile:
1.12         (macallan 28-Apr-11): # turns out we can't use wskbd everywhere 
without a couple more translation
1.12         (macallan 28-Apr-11): # tables in the X driver so make it the 
default only where we know it will work

so that explains a bit why we don't default to wskbd everywhere. I'd
still like to know why we do have a separate wskbd protocol at all.


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