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Re: Migrating ports from XFree86 to Xorg (Was: Changing default X11_TYPE from native to modular for some platforms)


On 27 wrz 2011, at 17:27, Frank Wille wrote:

> Yes, it does not care about it. It just calls putchar() with a text position
> and our driver has to render the character, just in the same way as it
> did in the ite driver before. At least I hope so…

I'm not sure if I am following. Do you want to use existing procedures in grf 
for terminal emulation? If we're going to disconnect ite device, then there 
will be no putchar function to use (because it is provided by ite). We need to 
rewrite it for wsdisplay. 

>> It's not really a text mode in VGA/x86 sense of this word. Current
>> grf drivers set up some graphics mode, on which terminal is emulated
>> (ite) using 2D accelerated drawing routines.
> Are you sure? It looks like it switches into a special 4 plane text
> mode, where the first plane contains the characters and the second
> the attributes. That's exactly the same technique as in the vga console
> driver.

Hmm, I see what you mean. Currently the fonts are loaded into graphics card 
memory, then "blitted" into appropriate screen location. But it is not 80x25 
VGA mode, it's a graphics mode and (as far as I understand) we're not using 
text-generation capabilities of VGA here. That's funky anyway. Do we still want 
to do it this way?

Best regards,
Radoslaw Kujawa

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