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F'up: After update, !X. Reinstalled backup: still !X. Argh!

thanks for all your suggestions (joerg, abs, pooka)!

Indeed, it was libpciaccess. Luckily I had an even older backup repository of 
packages, and didn't have to try anything weird or inappropriate like booting a 
linux live CD ;)

I'm running now with X again with 5.1_RC4, 1.6nb2 and libpciaccess 0.10.8.

It seems libpciaccess 0.11 was/is the culprit; and that I updated to it without 
restarting my X server, thus its impact was not apparent immediately and so it 
went into a pkg backup repository of supposedly working packages.

Please note that pkg/43493 is NOT fixed with modular-xorg-server 1.6nb7 -- I 
had 1.6nb9 and libpciaccess-0.11 installed during the "catastrophe" (i.e. I 
have to agree with pooka's feedback on the PR).


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