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Xorg / video-intel 2.2.0 drm question

Hi there,

finally I was able to compile and run the Xorg version present in wip. It is nice: I have found back the autorepeat, the Capslock led, and even xlock with OpenGL screens.

Was the 1.4.0 release so buggy?

Yet, I still have a problem with the DRI: while all the initialization seems okay, almost by the end the is an error due to an unsupported ioctl (0x11 out of 0xf) so I wonder what's up. Note than I am using a 82G33 chipset that may be unsupported by the current i915 drm code (?).

I also use the latest xf86-video-intel driver (2.2.0).

The error message is: Fail to setup hardware status page.

Has anybody an idea?


PS: I found that I must remove the mode lines in the display section in order for X to work. Otherwise, something goes wrong, whether on video-intel or video-ati (at home).

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