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xorg 1.4.90 (and onwards) and xkb / ddc problem

Hi there,

is there anybody knowing the arcanæ of configuring xkb for xorg starting at version 1.4.0? While I managed to get my keyboard working, I have lost autorepeat and capslock led. Worse, upgrading to 1.4.90, I found no way to switch my keyboard in AZERTY mode, even the merest "xkbdload fr" turned out to yell an unexpected and frustrating "error while loading keyboard description" or something near.

Unrelated, but relevant to 1.4.90 (the version in -wip), the DDC option ceased to work with the intel driver (v. 2.2.1). It seems the Xorg probe gets stuck. Drawback: without DDC, I can't get the suitable resolution for my screen.


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