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USE_LIBTRE and regex(3)

I've been testing reg*sub(3) functions and I've noted that the
USE_LIBTRE=yes build option no longer works:

/public/netbsd-git-tre/destdir.amd64/lib/ undefined reference
to `regfree'
/public/netbsd-git-tre/destdir.amd64/lib/ undefined reference
to `regexec'
/public/netbsd-git-tre/destdir.amd64/lib/ undefined reference
to `regcomp'

Do we intend to keep supporting it as a drop-in replacement implementation?

If so, should it contain regnsub(3)/regasub(3) for interchangeability
with libc's regex(3)?

On the popular request. I've prepared a draft patch extending reg*sub(3)
with \{n} and a variable number of matches. It looks like we cannot
easily change established API without hacks like:

#include <regex.h>

Without the above code we will get broken bootstrap of tools on older
releases of NetBSD and we will need to keep maintaining it for a long
time/ever. Given that I resist (again) to change it.

I think it's sufficient to just fix or abandon libtre (USE_LIBTRE=yes)
and move on.

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