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Re: USE_LIBTRE and regex(3)


On 2018/03/05 3:29, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
I've been testing reg*sub(3) functions and I've noted that the
USE_LIBTRE=yes build option no longer works:

Do we intend to keep supporting it as a drop-in replacement implementation?

IMO, TRE is not mature enough to be imported to libc.

I attempt to replace a wchar_t-capable regex in nvi with TRE. Since the
upstream has been inactive for recent years, I tried to sync our version
with that in musl libc:

Then I found many inappropriate uses of integer types. IIRC, int is used
here and there where size_t or regoff_t (aka int64_t) should be used.
They are partially corrected by musl libc (and by our own), but it seems
far from complete; it would require a full code review. Then, I've
suspended my initial plan. This is my current status with TRE...


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